Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Little Pirate Pony


Anonymous said...

i've just visited your site flashbunny. it was amazing!!!! i'm from lithuania so i don't speak english very well but i'll try.
your jack rabbit is fantastic. 'magic me' is VERY cute. your paintings are so warm and cute and lovely well... i don't know what to say. i loved your site;>

Piress -Buxom Billy- Seas said...

I posted a comment on your mermaid you posted on Gaia and I decided to check out the rest of your art as well.

I obviously love pirates and I am a closet My Little Pony collector. XD!!!

So I love this piece and I like how you chose a detailed cartoon theme.

Pencil is my favorite media to use and to view.

Well done!

Ruby said...

love your drawing they are really excellent!~

Anonymous said...

WOW!! My friend would love you, she has a thing for rabbits and wow!!

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